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I lie!

I lie, in both meanings of the word.  Right after pressing publish this morning, I did not go out for my run.  Instead, I laid down on the floor for a good 10 minutes, simply being and then stretching.  Sometimes I am skeptical of the mantra, listen to your body — is your body really telling you to take today off AGAIN? — but on the rare occasions that i do listen to my body,  I am thankful and I realize I do need to listen.  Thanks OhSheGlows and HEAB! Angela from OhSheGlows and Heather aka HEAB both talk extensively about their experiences with overtraining/getting in a running rut/rest/taking a break from exercising, or some iteration of that topic, and reading through their thoughts caused me to do some self-analysis.  I won’t elaborate now, but I’m pretty sure I have not been listening to my body lately.  The self-analysis needs to continue, but i am glad I listened this morning.  Afterall, I do have a gym session planned for tonight, so it’s not like I’m making excuses to not exercise.  Instead, i’m pulling in the reigns so that I don’t take myself down the path of overtraining. 

After my meditation/stretch session, I finished unpacking my suitcase from my trip to NJ over 10 days ago!  That was a major success for this Monday morning!  If only I weren’t at work while others are home thinking about the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Columbus didn’t REALLY discover America?  No reason to stop working — so says my boss.


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Eating breakfast early when you wake up at 3:45 AM is NOT recommended by me!  I did that this morning and I am deeply regretting it.  First of all, I did not eat a very enjoyable meal, more like a smattering of less healthy snacks.  Secondly, upon waking up, my body was filled with mixed messages – tummy was full, but my mouth and mind wanted to eat!  Alas, I already consumed enough in the early morning hours.  I foresee a mid-morning snack in my future.  Thirdly, I guess I shouldn’t even call it “breakfast” because the pre-4AM meal did not so much break my fast and energize me for the day.  Instead, I ate it while half asleep and promptly returned to bed, therefore missing out on all the benefits that breakfast usually provides.  Oh well. Live and learn.

I am now enjoying a nice, hot mug of coffee before heading out for a morning jog.  I am going to take it easy because I am not feeling my best, but the run will help calm my nerves and prepare me for the day in the office — no, I do not have off to celebrate Christopher Columbus!  I think all of the non-profits in DC adamantly refuse to recognize federal holidays other than Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July as a way of admonishing the government for its sub-par work ethic.  Government employees as a whole are often guilty of having a clock in/clock out mentality.  Then, there is Congress, which is only in session so many days out of the year.  So, there seems to be an attitude among non-profit DC-ites that we work FOR REAL, while the Washington politicians only do so now and then.

I don’t know who works harder, or more efficiently, but what I do know is that ignoring federal holidays in protest of government waste is not my idea of effective protest!  Rant over!  It’s time to run, and I think the sun is coming up.

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***Did you get my awful pop music allusion there?  Ihave a terrible habit of somehow relating all things to music lyrics.  I swear, there are lyrics out there that can be appropriately applied to all aspects of life!)***

Anyway, I am not taking pictures yet, because I am lazy.  And short on time.  And the picture I wanted to take – of my 75% off Vitamin Shoppe loot  – got dispersed between work, home, my weekend bag, and my mouth! before I got a chance to capture it in its bargain glory. 

Just trust me. It is amazing loot and I may have to go back for more.  The granola, chocolate cover bananas, fried fruit, and mango are to die for!  The Cape Cod trail mix was also wonderful, but I failed to restrain myself around it last night, so I don’t think I need any more of that!

Breakfast this morning was an Apple Cinnamon breakfast bar and a bunch of CApe Cod trail mix. So good, but oh so bad!  Mid-morning snack was pumpkin seeds. Yum yum.

Lunch is going to be soup and salad at Potbelly’s.  Just what I need after trail mix overload last night and this morning.  Though, it’s lunch with the supervisor.  Hopefully, it goes swimmingly.  Tad bit nervous!

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Hit the Jackpot!

I abandoned my blog in recent weeks, and there are reasons for that.  But now, it’s time for me to get back on track with my fitness regimen, and jumpstart my healthy aspirations.  For various reasons, I fell into some unhealthy eating habits, and I starting to really notice the effects.  I’ve been feeling it on my runs, and I think I’m starting to get a ‘little buddy’ of my own!  (“Little buddy” is what my dad affectionately calls his expanding tummy.) I’ve never really had a little buddy before, so this is NOT good!   I usually notice it first in the back region when I put on a few pounds, so to feel it up front too is so very not good!

Alright, so no big deal.  Move more. Eat less. I already hit the gym or run regularly, but I could definitely mix things up and focus on strength training more.  Eat less and better quality food is where my real work needs to be done.  With that in mind, I set out after lunch (my packed lunch of clean eats chicken salad!) to grab a healthy snack.  On a whim, I strolled into The Vitamin Shoppe down the street, and I hit the jackpot of healthy snacks!

This location is closing at the end of the month, so all snacks and protein bars are 75% off!!!!!! It was amazing.  All sorts of all natural, organic (expensive) foods that I’ve been dying to try were now on sale for a fraction of the cost.  So, I stocked up. And I might just go back tomorrow!  I got all natural granola, trail mix, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, chocolate covered goji berries and bananas, dried cranberries, chia goodness cereal!, Balance bars, and maybe even more.  I am taking a picture of this loot when I get home tonight!  I think it’s a sign that eating better can be easy, fun, and delicious!  So long as I show some restraint. 🙂

Now, I’m off to take a glorious run and then hit the gym.  Partly cloudy and 69 degrees.  Perfect for running!

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