Breaking the Fast

I did it this morning. I ate breakfast at its proper time: upon waking.  Truth be told, I did wake up several times throughout the night with the urge to eat, and I did nibble a bit, but I did not eat massive meals in the middle of the night.  Improvement is in the making!  For breakfast, I brewed vanilla caramel coffee and made a simple piece of toast with almond butter and Ezekiel bread.  Scrumptious!  I forgot how good toast can be, and how filling it can be — when made, of course, with wholesome ingredients.  My breakfast was quite small because my appetite has subsided with my lack of running the last few days, and because I’m headed out for a run now.  Though, I did snack on some granola as I sit in the kitchen reading the newspaper and blogs.  I better get out of the kitchen!

Many things to do today:

30 Day Shred, Long run – it’s going to be rough after my sickness-induced hiatus

Lunch, then grocery shop – TJs, maybe Whole Foods

LSAT practice!, read about Teach for America

Set up my printer and upload pictures

Take bike for repair

Vitamin Shoppe, if time permits


Just another Manic Monday

The pressure is on now –the LSAT is less than 2 weeks away!  And I still have not kicked this nasty cold to the ground.  If I am still feeling groggy tonight/tomorrow, I am taking a sick day tomorrow!  I need my health now, more than ever! 

I was forced to take a rest day yesterday, which I guess is fine, but I need to start tracking my mileage better.  Too many rest days have been sneaking into my training.  Guff, I don’t like training when training is not my first priority, but I am making it work. 

Last night, I let my tendency to eat when anxious get the best of me, and I indulged in more than my fair share of F1 caramel delight cereal.  It wasn’t too bad of a slip-up, but it’s the repetitive behaviour that bothers me most.

This morning, I missed my wakeup call for a morning run, but I needed the sleep.  I’ll get the run in tonight.  For breakfast, I had 1/2 c. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Granola, a new favorite!, and 1/2 c. cottage cheese.  Iced coffee on the side. 

Lunch today will be an avocado and spinach salad.  Snack – protein oats and maybe some Barney Butter.

Gotta run!

Reigning in my hunger

So, I’ve realized in recent weeks that my hunger has been outta control!  I suspect much of this is running induced – -the marathon training makes me a hangry girl! (So does LSAT study, or more accurately, avoidance of LSAT study.  Must.Stop.Procrastin-eating! Oh, and so does the supreme boredom that comes from my job — so working on changing that situation once I have the LSAT behind me.)  In an effort to figure out what’s going on, I have been keeping track of almost every morsel that passes through my lips.  I have become rather adept at tabulating my consumption, but that practice has not helped me become more mindful of my eating!  Instead, I have been relying on my memory to record everything I eat AFTER the fact. Not.The.Point.  Sheesh!  I have realized that my memory works very well!

Oh well, this week, I decided to try something new.  I will write out a meal plan each night for the next day.  I was going to say I would use it simply as a guideline, but I changed my mind.  I am craving discipline right now, and I need to hold myself accountable.  Were I to use a meal plan simply as a guideline, I would be setting myself up for failure.  I would use that fact to justify eating in the middle of the night and then counting it as breakfast for the next day.  NO!  Iam not doing that anymore.  So, meal plan it is.  I will create my mealplans with all of my favorite nutritious foods in mind.  Discipline is what I need to set myself free from mindless eating.  I am excited to make changes in my eating habits;  I just need to have faith in myself that I am capable of change.  I am, so I will, today. 🙂

Yeah, because some dude stopped me on the street to introduce himself to me.  Admittedly, I am wearing a cute dress today, but I have NO makeup on – which means ghost pale, death face – and I’m a sick lil pup today.  The guy was half-decent looking, so it would have made my day, if it didn’t just remind me that Washington DC is seriously pitiful.  Like really, I was the best you could find on the street today?!?  Well, maybe I’ll actually take him up on the lunch offer.  I could use some attention and some first date practice.  I hesitated giving him my number, but then I was so perturbed and flustered, I should gave it to him.  So much for being cautious with my digits!

I did get my Starbucks this afternoon, and snacked on a PB Pure Protein BAr and a Slim-fast snackbar throughout the afternoon.  I know, Slim-fast=fake food like woah, but I got a box on super-sale, and it was the last one, so I’m on my way to super-clean eats.

Time to peace out of the office and get my run on! hey, maybe I’ll post pictures tonight!

Revolutionary Thoughts

So, this morning, as I was filling up my Nissan Thermos(best insulation ever1) with black tea, I took a mid-morning bite of part of my lunch and realized it tastes awful.  I defrosted a container of Quinoa-Tofu that has been at work forever and planned on eating it today for lunch with a salad. However, why waste my calories on freezer-burned quinoa?!? The tofu still tastes good, so I added that to my salad, but the quinoa is getting the boot.  I’ll just have to find something else to replace that fuel/food.  I am thinking a Starbucks Americano with CinnDolce syrup and maybe a pure protein bar?  or else an apple, but I’ve been eating too many of them lately. And most likely will eat one tonight, so I’ll try to avoid dem apples!

I am proud of my ability to be sensible about what I am about to put into my mouth for lunch today.  I hope to have more such titled posts!


Marathon training came to a halt as of Tuesday afternoon.  Grrr!  At least I got  a run in early Tuesday morning.  After work yesterday, I had a pre-run snack of 1/2 c. yogurt + 1/2 c. kashi pilaf and an apple, but then I realized I had negative energy to run.  So, instead, I crawled into bed and began reading articles about running while sick.  Just wanted to see if I should try to push through and run last night.  I kicked down the persistent perfectionist in me, and opted out of running or any other kind of workout.  It was hard mentally, but I tried to believe my body would thank me today.

A couple hours later, I had some sausage veggie soup for dinner.  I followed that with a banana yogurt, almond butter mash. Oh so good!  And then another apple.  I woke up around 11:30pm and 1/2 cup of greek yogurt! It was good.

I contemplated not eating dinner and snacks and just going to sleep last night (with the help of some contact PM), but I knew my appetite would not be happy.  I ended up eating probably 1800 calories yesterday, despite not working out, but 550 of them were actually ‘very early morning-not necessarily remembered or enjoyed calories’ so I’ll accept that my ill body needed the energy to fight off these germs.

This morning I had a very random breakfast – a buttload of mushrooms(topped with dijon), big old apple, 1/2 c. greek yogurt, and a 1/2 T. almond butter.  And the obligatory mug of coffee.  Don’t judge. 

I hope the generic allergy pill I just took works!  Work time!

I’m allergic to DC!!

So, I was out of town for 11 days, and not even 3 hours into my much-dreaded return,  Iwas sneezing up a storm!  That was Monday, and now, 2 days later, I am unsuccessfully fighting off a cold.  I’m so tired and out of it, I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with a 2 by4! (I used to love that expression when I was little — always so intrigued at imagining what a 2×4 would look like.  Me being from the over-developed suburbs, I wasn’t much exposed to that kinda thing – bare wood and such!)

Oh yeah, so I also woke up this morning sweating up a storm. That’s NOT a good sign.  Illness does not fit into my schedule these days. sheesh!  Well, I just ate some very healthy eats to try and ward off the illness.  I haven’t given up on running tonight, so hopefully, I’ll have the energy.

My eats:

Breakfast was abanana, strawberry preserves, and coffee for a total of about 550 calories (yeah, I went overboard with the preserves. I like sugar. ALOT. TTOM??)

Lunch was tuna and mustard, cherry tomatoes, romaine, mushrooms, and a bit of fat-free italian.  Not too long after, I whipped up some quick oats, protein powders, and a packet of kids Amazing Grass.  THat was my ‘food as medicine.’ (Quote to be inserted here!) L = 150 calories, S = 170

I’ve been trying to up my liquid intake

Coffee – 24 ounces

SF Iced Tea = 24 ounces, (water 2 oz)

Diet Coke = 24 ounces

Cinnamint Tea – 20 ounces

So, no pure water just yet, but i’m almost up to 100 oz (and haven’t finished the tea and soda).  At least I am getting into the practice of hydrating more frequently. Baby steps, I tell ya! 

Alright, 2 more hours of work, and then I am off to run off these germs!